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Social Security Start-Date Planning

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Social Security: By the Numbers Women and Retirement

Financial Planning

 I believe that working together we can do more than working alone. Together we can protect investments from economic turbulence, build future income, and integrate Social Security with retirement income and tax-planning.  Wayne Fourman is a financial advisor with the May Financial Group, Inc. Serving the Greenville and Dayton, Ohio area since 1983

Contact me:

► If you are approaching age 62 and want to decide if you should apply for early Social Security benefits.

► If you're concerned about making a mistake when starting benefits.

► If you are a high-income man, woman or married couple wanting to maximize lifetime Social Security benefits and coordinate all your retirement resources to minimize taxes and ensure adequate income.

► If you are married, divorced, widowed, or never married and want to know how Social Security works.   

► If you are married and want to coordinate Social Security benefits to maximize income now, and also later for a surviving spouse.

► If you want to know how to maximize Social Security benefits while planning to work during retirement.

 ► If you’re already taking Social Security benefits and have unanswered questions.

I provide guidance on when you should consider taking retirement benefits from Social Security. My program is called Social Security Start-Date Planning which shows individuals how to integrate Social Security into their retirement income and tax-planning efforts. I will show you what to consider before you start taking retirement benefits. More importantly, I will show you how to avoid mistakes with Social Security.


Set up your FREE 30 minute strategy session and find out if Social Security Start-Date Planning is right for you!

The FREE strategy session includes:

            A quick assessment of your current financial situation

            A discussion on some of the options available to you

            An action step that you can take to maximize your Social Security

Contact me by completing “Have A Question?” on the upper right and indicate you would like a free strategy session.  We can meet in person, on the phone or on a Skype video call.


  A Program Designed to Maximize Your Retirement Income Will Cover:

            An analysis of

                        ● Health status

                        ●Life expectancy

                        ● Need for income

                        ● Whether or not you plan to work

                        ● Survivor needs

                        ● Should you improve your earnings record?

                        ● Should you delay the start of benefits?

                        ● Should you take advantage of spousal and survivor benefits?

                        ● Can you minimize the taxes on your benefits?

                        ● How to integrate Social Security with other retirement income?

                        ● How much will your benefit be?

                        ● What’s the best long-term strategy to meet your needs?

                        ● What do you do next?

            Cost: $295-$1,295


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